Every morning I go to my meditation space, or sometimes I stay in bed, and I pray.

I’m so vulnerably human when I pray. I always start by giving a basic thanks and then I ramble relentlessly about how stressed I am and about how much I need things to change without any further effort on my part.

We expect ‘god,’ whatever that means to you as an individual, to solve the issues. I mean you can’t blame us for taking this attitude, the bible is full of passages telling us to lay our anxiety with God. So we churn out our woes.

Some people literally only pray when they want something, usually a desperation of some kind will send them to their knees. I did this when I wanted to stop them taking my third baby from me. I made my way to the hospital chapel with intention to plead reason with a God I didn’t even believe in. I had already lost two, why take from me a third?

So this morning I decided that I wasn’t going to ask for anything, nor complain about anything. Instead I wholly focused my prayer around gratitude for all the things I already have.

I prayed gratitude about my home, the people in my life, my cat, the bird’s song and the forest; I just reeled off everything I could think of in that moment.

It’s easy to get caught in the cogs of complaint. But greasing yourself out with just a glisten of gratitude can change the way your whole machine runs.

Practice it daily, regurgitate gratitude, mindfully, for just seven days, leaving woe by the road side and watch for where you end up.