My skin sometimes itches. Seemingly from nowhere and for no apparent reason.

I claw and claw until my skin is pink and tingly but still it itches.

I twist my body like a rope trying to reach all the places where I itch and my organs feel crushed under the contortion and yet I cannot reach the itch.

Sometimes I wonder if it is coming from somewhere very deep; beneath the skin and inside my blood. Pain and suffering trying to bubble it’s way to the surface for relief.

Because that’s what traumatic memories are like. You just can’t contain the outbreak and the painful and uncomfortable situations just poke at you like needles, leaving behind tiny wounds that blister and bubble in an invisible outbreak.

Itch itch itch.

I have released a lot of stuff this past year but something still niggles. Trauma is like a plague that falls into remission but never quite dies. Much like memories fall into the subconscious but never leave the mind…