One thing that has enabled me to alter my life and stay positive in times of hardship is Law of Attraction!

Discovering ‘the secret‘ and bought me much positivity and my miracle manifestations have revealed themselves yet again just yesterday.

I took a chance, because if you don’t ask; you don’t know, and my chance paid off, even though I didn’t truly believe it would. However my intention to achieve trumped my lack of belief.

See, that’s the key to making changes, it’s your intention and not your attitude. You can say you want something and still have doubts. If it’s what you want it will come. It’s ok and normal to have doubts. It’s so human.

I got accepted into my first choice university.

I wanted this for 3 years. I applied 2 years ago and was turned down because I was short of a maths qualification and approximately 10 points. I was devastated to be held back a year and angry at the injustice having been previously told it wouldn’t matter.

Since then I have ended up going back to college the last 2 years and failing to get past the first few weeks. I was setting myself up to fail because deep down I knew it was unfair and I’d had my time there but I kept forcing the issue every year because that’s what I was told to do.

I battled whether to return this year or do my degree online.

The online university then starting putting doubts in my mind, telling me without a level 2 in maths I’d struggle to manage it. Always with the maths. Do calculators and level 1 mathematics not stand for anything in education?

Yes psychology has mathematics in it, especially with data but many mature students go into university struggling from early 90s poor math teaching. They often learn more as they do their degree. It’s called effort and willingness to succeed.

Anyway, I’ve gone off track, as I sometimes do when I’m talking about something that fuels my passions.

My tarot cards kept telling me another option was coming and I kept getting impatient. I was like ‘Bitch when coz it’s almost time to apply for student loans.‘ Ever the skeptic.

And then I was online doing some stuff and I noticed Anglia Ruskin had opened for clearing and that my dream course was open. So on a completely impulsive whim, without really expecting anything from it, I applied.

I did so in secret not wanting to tell anyone because I figured why waste their time on it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the email came and said I had an unconditional offer. I mean, I sent copies of my current qualifications. They were exactly the same as 2 years ago, except there was a floristry course. What had changed?

But I have exactly what I always wanted. Don’t question it, just accept the gift. I had always questioned my happiness and focused on the next coming bad. Probably because it’s always been that cycle for me. But the truth is, the goods are getting longer and more defined. The bad stuff comes around but it’s not as it once was, even if at the time it feels eternal.

The point I’m making is, if you want something, never stop chasing it and fighting for it. Keep dreaming and eventually you’ll wake up and it’ll be there waiting for you. Never give up.