People like myself very often need to protect themselves from others problems and need for attention. We also regularly require isolation time just because we are unwell.

7 months ago I quit Facebook for good. I deleted it outright and sacrificed all my memories there with it.

I was sick of people arguing or being unable to discuss something like an adult.

I was fed up of being exploited and asked for help, despite my own needs being hard to manage.

I was annoyed at being ignored when I needed help or was charging for my services.

I felt invaded and judged constantly about what I was posting.

This was largely due to having people added who were not good for my health or needs. It’s ok to be selfish and have needs but things like Facebook make that hard.

It’s hard to explain to a family member you have to see face to face, that you don’t want them on there because they misinterpret all you say and make you feel ashamed for expressing yourself.

It’s almost impossible to reject a friend request when we feel we have to be nice to e everyone or we are growing a business.

For me my business was a huge burden. Facebook is not business friendly and it ruined the experience. But at the same time, I didn’t want random people added to be private account.

But it is hard to function in society without it. I am constantly being asked to check out the Facebook page and when you ask about an Instagram there isn’t one. This most recently happened for me regarding uni.

To potentially meet other students starting this year, maybe even in my course, I need to join a group.

I also found from college, that study groups are usually set up so you can catch up on missed lectures or ask another student for help.

I didn’t want to fall behind and I am desperate to meet someone so I’m not alone and afraid on day one. So I set up a new Facebook account.

I had mixed views on it. I still do. My guess is I need strict rules in place to manage this better but my lack,of consistency makes this hard to follow.

Nothing is simple and Facebook is the centre of our world now. It’s the nucleus in our cell.