Wow! This blog has laid long forgotten in the back of my mind.

It is not because I am well. It is simply a product of my lack of consistency and ever changing lifestyle.

So much has altered for me at such a swift pace these last few months, I think I have tangled myself in a web so unfathomable I cannot get out and gasp at the much needed fresh air.

I start university in less than a month. LESS THAN A MONTH!!

The prospect is daunting for anyone but to a mature, disabled student with an ongoing case of medical negligence and discrimination against her local mental health team, an ESA review coming and the general stresses of life, the prospect becomes almost unthinkable. And yet I continue my path.

I expect this blog will now evolve with me.

There will be tales of student life and the challenges I face while studying with a mind that falls a part and a body that does not relent.

I also returned to Facebook in light of wanting to meet my classmates and not get left behind. I guess that is another reason this blog fell inactive, I have all my comrades to speak with and distract me from my building bubble of emotions.

I don’t know what the next few months hold, let alone the years but I am excited about the journey. I mean, pretty soon, it’ll be me giving the therapy and having completely different thoughts after therapy…