So I thought I’d have a go at a blog challenge in order to be more regular in my posting.

I actually had my last therapy session Saturday. Well, the planned last but if I need to go back I can.

I did a hypnotherapy session and I feel already that it’s helped.

My flashbacks have become less over the last few months and I’m experiencing less intense anxiety and anger now my father is out of my life. It’s funny how my issues started when he came into my life and with his exit I begin to recover.

Anyway, the first prompt is ‘blog name!’

Thoughts after therapy was perfect and remains perfect.

It was a place for me to put the tangled thoughts post therapy. It helped me clear the left overs and shrapnel from painful revelations. Writing is a huge healer.

But now therapy is over, over, it’s still aptly named. Now it’s about my journey to recovery and healing.

I think that’s pretty special 🙂