1) I have a habit of inconsistency which is why I’m a day late for day number 2 haha

2) I’ve never seen Game of Thrones and have no desire to do so!

3) I saw my first psychologist age 4 because my parents were fed up of me not sleeping through the night and assumed it’s because I was mentally ill. I’ve been getting told I’m sick ever since!

4) I love red lipstick! It makes me feel confident and feminine!

5) my first boyfriend was called Gary and we’d take it in turns to play ‘kiss chase’ in the playground while Our friends placed bets on us. I remember slipping on gravel once and doing the perfect splits! It’s the only time I’ve ever managed to do them haha

6) I had a water birth with my second child. It was an amazing experience and the pictures were fascinating!

7) I took magic mushrooms in 2016 and feel it was the most enlightening moment of my life. I am a supporter of the psychedelic medicine revolution!

8) I am now a psychology student in Cambridge!

9) The most money I’ve ever had in one go is £1300 and it was a student loan instalment!

10) My favourite house plant is the spider plant. My mother had them when I was growing up and it had babies. She gifted it to me when I moved into my flat and my now ex-husband accidentally hacked the babies off with the chest freezer lid and the mother died a few weeks later. It was around 15 years old!

11) I still have the red hair comb my mother used when I was born.

12) My favourite film as a child was Alice in wonderland! I liked the talking flowers!

13) My favourite Disney princess is Pocahontas!

14) I really like collecting pine cones. For me they represent the third eye and the forest which is one of my favourite places in the world. I’d love to live in the forest!

15) when I was 14 me and a friend stole some gin out my mums drink collection. She’d had it for as long as I could remember and she never noticed it was gone! It was horrid haha

16) I have several poems published into anthologies! I don’t write much these days!

17) When I was overweight my mum would make cruel comments about me needing to lose weight. When I lost weight she called me to skinny and called the doctor and told her was ‘anorexic!’ I then began binge eating and gaining weight and she told me I’d let myself go and should go back to the gym. To this day I have issues with my weight!

18) When I was around 8 I didn’t tidy my room so when I got home my mum had put everything on the floor in the bin. I didn’t care because I still had my books, dolls house and chalkboard.

19) When I was in primary school me and my friend teamed up to help one another do our work. I was good at writing and she was good at drawing. While I wrote hers she did a drawing for me which took less time. Then we swapped and while I was writing mine she quickly drew her picture and ran up to the teachers desk and got a terrific sticker. When I went up with identical work I got a good sticker and she sat there laughing at me knowing what she did. I’ve never trust anyone since and I never helped anyone with their work again!

20) I was supposed to start wearing glasses at age 13 but didn’t until I was 28 because I was afraid of being bullied, even in adulthood!