When I began this blog it was part of my therapy. The aim was to write between sessions and make sense of the thoughts I was having after therapy, hence the title, thoughts are therapy.

I spoke quite openly about mental health and physical health and the troubles I was having with my illnesses. Sometimes I wrote informative blogs educating others and sometimes I just needed to vent because therapy is not something you have every day.

As time went on I stopped updating the blog so much. Partly because my circumstances were changing and partly because I didn’t want to keep reflecting on my struggles.

So I thought I’d come back to it now. It won’t be all about learning to survive with mental illness and a physical disability, it will contain other things. It’s just going to be a blog about me.

Yes, that will include things about my illness because it’s very much a part of me. But there’s more to me than that. I am someone who desperately wants to write a novel. I am a passionate businesswoman. I am a madcap mum, loved up fiancé soon-to-be bride, I have a love for the outdoors and watch far too much Netflix.

I’ve always been a mixed bag and I’ve never fit into a box, perhaps that was part of the problem and why I stopped updating my blog; I simply couldn’t write in one column.

I’m also out of therapy now! I left just before Christmas and I am learning to adapt and overcome and cope with life now I’m out of therapy. It’s not been an easy process and it never will be but it’s what I want for me. So I guess now it really is thoughts after…